ColorOS 2.0: KitKat Update für Oppo Find 7(a)

Veröffentlicht am 19. Oktober 2014 von Vincent Höcker in Allgemein

Der chinesische Hersteller Oppo rollt nach langem warten endlich das ColorOS 2.0 Update mit Android KitKat Basis aus. Das Update ist für das Oppo Find 7 und Find 7a verfügbar und wird im Oppo-Forum zum Download angeboten.


Nach wirklich langem warten dürfen sich nun auch Besitzer des Oppo Find 7a oder Oppo Find 7 über ein stabiles KitKat-Update freuen. Der chinesische Hersteller hat nun, nachdem Color OS 2.0 in China bereits seit einiger Zeit verfügbar ist, das Update im hauseigenen Forum zur Verfügung gestellt. Das Update bietet jedoch neben Android 4.4 noch weitere Neuerungen. So wurde die UI komplett überarbeitet und sieht nun flacher aus. Ebenfalls gibt es neue Animationen und eine veränderte Gesteneingabe. Der vollständige Changelog lautet:

Refined UI Design
The ColorOS 2.0 has inherited the UI design of ColorOS 1.0, by removing redundant elements from the 1.x icons the new design are more minimalistic and easier to recognize.

Global Gaussian Blur Effect
System wide Gaussian blur effect makes the whole system looks more beautiful and consistent in different interfaces, such as the notification center, folders, music now playing interface etc.

System Wide Animation
The ColorOS 2.0 is more energetic, with system wide transition animation the whole system comes alive, each operation seems so natural and fluid.

Live Weather 2.0
Added a new weather effect “Haze”, given sound effects for some effects and you may found more surprises when using the live weather 2.0.

Global Gesture Panel 2.0
The new gesture panel is now activated by slide up from the bottom of the screen. Each gesture you’ve used can be recorded and shown on top as a reminder.

Redesigned Task Manager
The new task manager design shows every task running in background as a card you can simply slide it up to close it or slide it down to lock it or tap the end all button to close them all (locked apps will not be closed).

Easy Crop for Screenshots
After you’ve taken a screenshot you can pull down the notification center to crop, share or delete it.

Single Layer Launcher
The changing from dual layer to single layer launcher is not simple a win/lose situation, both design has it’s own advantage and disadvantage. ColorOS decided to go with single layer design is just another step towards the purse of simplicity and perfection.

Super Power Saving 
By reducing animation, underclocking the CPU or shutdown all applications except for calls and messages your phone can be under deep power saving mode so as increase the battery life as much as possible.

Memory Cleaner
Added “Memory Cleaner” in security center, which enables you to control and release memory more easily.

Other Detailed Improvements

  • Redesigned the guide interface, now it’s able to auto select the language according to your SIM card
  • Changed the default lockscreen to “Slide upward to unlock”, added Call & Messages shortcut in the default lockscreen
  • Added the double tap to blurry the wallpaper in Settings ->Gesture & Motion -> Screen-on Gestures
  • Added the feature to show network speed in status bar, Settings -> Display -> Show network speed
  • Added resolution settings for ultra-HD photos, you can now choose between 50MP and 24MP
  • Added continuous play settings in video player, when you disabled it the player will not continue to play the next video in your phone
  • Added USB debug options in notification center, when your phone is connected with your computer
  • Added the ability to manually adjust the screen brightness when auto-brightness is enabled
  • Added file safe in the “Files” app, files added into file safe will not be shown publicly
  • Added the ability to sort contact list by Given name/Family name
  • Added a quick to top button in Files, Email and Message list interface
  • Optimized the cleanup feature in “Files”, added the function to delete large files and duplicated app installation package.
  • Redesigned the calendar interface, which is now more elegant
  • Removed the “Notes” app and replaced it with Google keep as the default note app
  • Optimized the “Backup & restore” app improve the back/restore speed and added the ability to backup homescreen layout, so that your apps & folders will all be backed up
  • Integrated all security related tools into “Security Center”, such as App Encryption, Data Saving etc.
  • Updated the pre-installed Kingsoft Office app

Beziehen könnt ihr das Update inklusive Anleitung hier, eine OTA-Version ist nicht geplant. Beim Flashen werden alle Daten gelöscht, also sichert diese unbedingt vorher! Falls ihr den unified Storage nutzen solltet ist es wichtig, dass ihr diesen vorher entfernt!

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